Look, I won't insult your intelligence or waste your time with a long winded sales letter trying to sell you on my services. I'll let the results I get for my clients do all the talking -- scroll down to read some of the notes happy clients have sent me.


Whether you need great ...

        • Email copy
        • Web copy
        • Product Launch copy
        • Direct Mail copy
        • Lead Capture Page copy
        • Just a critique
        • A rewrite of an existing letter
        • Or someone to bounce ideas off of...

Then you've just found the right direct response copywriter and consultant for your business!


About Me:


My name is Harun Bahri and I've been writing copy since 2004. Just two years later I became one of America's youngest Certified Dan Kennedy No BS Business Advisors before I spent 2008/2009 apprenticing directly with legendary direct response copywriter and consultant Clayton Makepeace (click here to learn more about my mentors Dan and Clayton).


If you're looking for an experienced professional copywriter who delivers the goods as promised (and on time)...


...Then give me a call and let's talk about your latest project. My number is: 602.299.6600 (please leave a message if I don't answer). Or, if you prefer, you can email me at: Harun@AllAboutCopy.com.


*Consulting also available on a limited basis (inquire for availability and rates).


Here's What Business Owners Are Saying
About My Results Driven,
Done-For-You Marketing Promotions*

*Results not typical. Your results will vary.

113,173 leads … 92% ROI AND
$650,000 in Revenue!


"Harun, to say you wrote some awesome ad copy for us would be an understatement. Thanks to your lead generation copy, we got 113,173 red hot leads with a whopping 92% ROI in just 4 months! Plus, we generated $650,000 in revenue! Thanks for your insights and the copy


- Chris Harris, Marketing Director, Weiss Research, Inc.


Increased my Retail sales by about 35%


“Harun, you increased my Retail sales by about 35% by showing me where to find my target market and give me new ideas for marketing my business."


- Mark H.


Tripled My Website Visitors
In Just 7 Days!


“Hi Harun, Just wanted to let you know that the visits to my website TRIPLED in the first week of running the new ad! And so far this week looks like it will exceed that!!! Needless to say I am very excited about the potential here!”


- Pauline O.,


--- Update From Pauline ---
Just Made Over $23,940 in Sales!


“I have had a very exciting week with so much happening in my business that my head’s spinning!

I’ve turned over $23,940.37 and IT’S ONLY the 6th day of the month!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!"


- Pauline O.,


Over $3500 in 6 Weeks!


"Thanks to your help Harun, within 2 weeks I had $1700 in sales, now after 6 weeks, I have done in excess of $3500 sales!"


- Colin D.


“If you're looking for results –
Harun's a proven winner.”


“My business partner and I have known and worked with Harun since 2005. If there's anything about him that makes him an "unknown" guru it's the fact that he understands how to engage consumers, human psychology, marketing sequencing and what creates the urgency to have a prospect take a specific action...


“We've used him for dozens of writing projects... he gets an A+ in my book - whenever he's available DON'T run... SPRINT as fast as you can to have him work on your project. If you're looking for results, Harun's a proven winner.”


- Terry Duff, President, Onstage Marketing


Getting Leads Calling Me!


“After redesigning my campaigns with Harun’s help, I’m finally getting leads CALLING ME wanting more information.”


- Ben P.


What They're Saying About My In-Depth Critiques…

Your Critique of My Sales Page is Outstanding!


“Wow! Your critique of my sales page is outstanding! Seriously. You pointed out several things I hadn't thought of - and I honestly agree with why it would be better that way. I am very pleased with your suggestions. I know Dan Kennedy is good but he's way out of my price range so I truly value your critique - thank you Harun!”


- Lynn Stivers


Your Critique and Solutions
Are The BEST I’ve Ever Gotten!


“Hi Harun, thanks for the excellent critique of my copy. It's not often I say this, but ‘I am excited’. Not being a marketer, I have struggled with copy to sell my educational products for years; your critique and solutions are the best I have ever received. Thanks again Harun.”


- Paul Mackie


Your Critique Blew Me Away
With Tons of Money-Making Ideas


“Harun, I just got my critique and was blown away. I'm in the middle of a rewrite, and now I've got a whole host of ideas to work with. You brought up a ton of things that I hadn't even thought of, but after reading them thought, "OF COURSE!" Really can't wait to see the results of my new sales page.”


- Tynan, Austin, TX


Your Insights Have
Really Improved My Newsletter!


"I would like to thank you for personally looking at my newsletter and providing me valuable insight to improve the quality. As a result, I have received many compliments on my newsletter's new look."


- Russ R.


Your Critique Has Dramatically
Helped My Business


"I had a sales letter that they helped me re-write and the changes have dramatically helped in my efforts. The critiques [you give] are great because I'm in business to make money, so tell me the truth.”


- Art S.


What They're Saying About
My Consulting, Marketing Ideas and Strategies…


Scalpel Sharp Insights Cut to the Meat


"You focus on what's important. Business building and how to keep it growing! Your scalpel sharp insights cut to the meat of the matter and help a guy like me focus on what's important. Thanks!"


- Robert M.


Love the No BS!


"What I like is the down-to-earth, no bullshit approach. I love the truth and the honesty... Thanks"


- Dorothy N.


You’re Advice Is Invaluable!


"Thanks Harun, you have been a great help, I really appreciate. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be trying to figure out what to do. Thanks for the gentle shove to get me going."


- Wayne B.


Taught Me How To
Attract Buying Customers


“Harun has really helped put it all together for me and has taught me how to advertise my business to attract buying customers.”


- Anne G.